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Berman Medical Lasers, LLC is the domestic division of Berman Medical Lasers International, LLC. An international laser distributor, manufacturer and importing entity.

Domestically, Berman Medical Lasers sell FDA – Cleared Class 3b and Class 4 lasers from multiple domestic and international manufacturers as well as our own branded products to cover a wide spectrum of therapeutic laser market.

Physicians, hospitals, clinics, centers and the like benefit from our particular and unique ability to offer new, demonstration and pre-owned lasers to our ever-growing family.

Our lasers include Continuous Wave/ Pulsed and Superpulsed (Class 3b and Class 4) lasers.

Depending on your particular practice needs we feature attended and unattended lasers, whether you desire a desktop, highly portability with a small footprint size and light-weight or larger floor models we have you covered.

Our suite of various sizes, styles, powers and class of lasers provides superior cost-per-watt performance.

Some of our lasers are combining Superpulsed and Continuous Wave wavelengths ranging upwards of 250-watts for uniquely powerful results which certain physician offices need and desire.

While other offices and physicians prefer Continuous Wave/ Pulsed lasers which range upwards in power to 60-watts providing uniquely powerful results with a warm soothing healing sensation which most patients enjoy and desire.

Berman Medical Lasers advanced laser design and technologies push the boundaries of biology, physics and technology enabling us to bring you the latest most up-to-date, upgradable advanced FDA cleared lasers to treat a wide variety of your patients’ conditions.

Depending on your practice needs, the footprint size of your desired laser to assimilate well into your office environment coupled with adequate power and ease of use for you and your staff we feature a wide array of lasers, some with a warming soothing sensation, some without all with a cart. All with a money back guaranty.

No matter which laser you may decide is best for your particular office (s) and patient demographic, we strive to bring you…

• Highest performing peak and average powers for deepest tissue penetration

• Highest photon density and absorption rates for best therapeutic sustained results

• Best single wavelengths 980nm or 810 nm for deep tissue penetration

• Best combinations of 2 – 4 wavelengths for more effective therapy

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