Veterinary Lasers

The lasers treat dozens of conditions for companions and equines.  Our rugged lasers can go right into a barn stall with you. Your staff and you will use the laser Biological Effects to help canines, felines and equines.

Increase practice revenue:
Lasers integrate perfectly alongside other treatment modalities to maximize effectiveness.

Treatments can be easily and safely applied by veterinary technicians or staff freeing up the veterinarian’s valuable time. Treatment plans are typically sold in groups of 5 or 10 so you can ensure compliance and encourage repeat clinic visits. Once you recoup your investment, there are no further financial obligations—it’s a one-time cost with long-term returns.

Retain existing clients:
Offer a new drug-free option to treat patients that are non-compliant with treatment regimens or unable to tolerate drugs. Provide a non-invasive, non-surgical alternative for pet owners who can’t justify the expense of surgery. Reduce recovery time post-surgery or use as an adjunct for drug therapies when the maximum dose just isn’t enough.

Versatility: Applicable for all animals across a wide range of conditions routinely seen in practice.

Clinical studies and real-world use over several decades have proven laser therapy alleviates pain and inflammation, reduces swelling, and stimulates nerve regeneration and cells involved in tissue repair.
Acute ConditionsInflammatory Bowel DiseaseArthritis
WoundsHot spots, inter digital dermatitisPeriodontal Disease
Chronic ConditionsLigament and tendonsLick Granulomas
AllergiesTooth Extraction Pain ReliefGeriatric Care
HematomasPost-Surgical Healing / Pain ReliefHip Dysplasia
InfectionsRheumatoid arthritisInflammations
FracturesCutting of any tissuePost-operative
Nerve painSprains, Strains & FracturesEquinus
Cuts/BitesDegenerative Joint Disease

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