Wound Healing with Infrared

Augmentation of Wound Healing Using Monochromatic Infrared Energy Exploration of a New Technology for Wound Management Abstract The results presented in this paper document healing of different types of extremity wounds with...

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The Real Cost of Diabetes

The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) created a very informative Infographic on the costs of diabetes in our healthcare system.  Some of the facts are summarized in the post.  More details are...

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Calculating Laser Dosage At Target Tissues

Many differing opinions are discussed about high power, low power, cold laser and hot laser. What really counts is not the labels, but rather dosage. Many claims are made that a certain...

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Opiods For Lower Back Pain, NO

Opiods and drugs for lower back pain?  John’s Hopkins conducted a study recently that looked into the policies of Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurers.  The Abstract is listed below. “Importance  Despite unprecedented...

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