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We aim to make sure all our local and global clients are 100% satisfied with their purchase.

At Berman Medical Lasers, we offer all our customers a 100% money-back guarantee. You can ask us for a full refund in 30 days and a 50% refund in the next 180 days.

Special Offer: 100% laser cost applied towards a more powerful laser within 24 months.

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Using a Berman medical laser in your practice can increase your revenues from $25,000 to $100,000 per year while increasing the amount of cash procedures paid by your patients.

5 Stars

“The results from the laser have been great. A recalcitrant heel spur has really improved. The patient has cut down from 16 pills per day to ZERO pills per day in only 5 treatments.”

Luca DiMatteo, DPM

Heel Spur

5 Stars

“I planned the delivery date of my laser to allow me to market the nail treatment to my patients. The first week I had scheduled enough patients to bring in over $5,000 just treating nails.”

Borys Markewych, DPM Spokane, WA

Generate Cash Treating Nails With Laser

5 Stars

“Patient presented with chronic bi-lateral heel pain and was not a surgical candidate. ADLs were compromised by the constant pain. Patient is pain free for 5-6 weeks after maintenance laser treatment.  Patient now visits assisted living facilities to entertain the residents.”

Harris Klear, DPM Marlton, NJ

Bi-lateral Heel Pain

5 Stars

“Patient presented with chronic Diabetic Ulcer which Wound Center could not resolve. Ulcer 85% closed after two laser treatments spread over two weeks. Significantly increased vasodilation.”

Robert Cohen, DPM Paoli, PA

Chronic Diabetic Ulcer

5 Stars

“I own four lasers. They are very effective and reliable. We use the lasers predominately for post surgical therapy, painful foot problems, thick toenails and warts.”

Ed Cohen, DPM Gulfport, MS

Lasers Are a Key Practice Tool

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