Handheld/Portable Lasers

Handheld/portable lasers indeed offer a lot of convenience to the user. A handheld portable laser is lightweight, easy to handle, and store at home. Our Power Laser series (Class 3B) weighs less than a pound and operates on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The handheld portable laser also comes with other optional attachments, hand pieces, and acupuncture. All of that for a reasonable price!

PowerLaser Pro 500 and Pro 1500

Berman Medical Lasers offers the two best handheld cold laser therapy devices to use at home or your clinic. The PowerLaser Pro 500 and Pro 1500 are FDA cleared handheld cold laser for sale. The devices offer you the freedom to use them as you please for customized therapy depending on what the patient needs. The battery-powered handheld portable class 3B lasers for sale are cordless and allow you to reach tricky spots without any hassle. The lasers come with an extra battery that allows for nonstop laser treatment and therapy.

Pro 500 Specifications

Laser class3b
Number of laser diodes1
Treatment areaTrigger points
Laser wavelength808 nm
Laser output power100 – 500 mW
Length9 in
Width1.25 in
Weight (including battery)6.5 oz
Battery capacity (Li)3 hour
Recharge time2 hours

Pro 1500 Specifications

Laser class3b
Number of laser diodes3
Treatment areaMedium size
Laser wavelength808 nm
Laser output power300 – 1500 mW
Length9 in
Width1.5 in
Weight (including battery)7 oz
Battery capacity (Li)1 hour
Recharge time2 hours

Expand Your Options

At Berman Medical Lasers, we offer you an optional mobility stand that you can use for your handheld pain relief laser therapy device. The stand is available for the Pro 500 and Pro 1500.

Buy the portable Pro 500. The intraoral tip attachment can reach the inside of your mouth or complicated areas of the body.

Treat inside the mouth or hard to reach places with the optional intraoral tip. Available for Pro 500.

Customize Your Options

The handheld lasers come with multiple settings, output power, and offers nine programming options. The lasers can be set according to the needs of the patient; all you need is a slide of your finger on the slide bar – the light will indicate your desired program has been selected.

The PowerLaser Pro has individual sounds for every program. The unique program tone plays when the desired program is selected.

The vibration feature allows the patient and physician to know that the laser is working and ready for use. The vibration ensures that the area is being under treatment.


The PowerLaser Pro 500 and portable Lasers Pro 1500 come at affordable prices. They also have a 3-year warranty for material and manufacturing. They can be purchased together on discounted prices or individually – the choice is yours!