Many doctors have purchased or are considering the purchase of a laser. We prepared this ebook as a buyer’s guide. We do not discuss specific lasers or manufacturers. Rather, we discuss important items for your consideration and provide questions you should ask before purchasing a laser.


  • What is a laser?
  • Optimal wavelength
  • Optimal power
  • Continuous wave and pulsing modes
  • Portability
  • Price per milliwatt of power
  • Does the purchase price include everything?
  • Training
  • Ongoing maintenance costs
  • Warranty


Michael Berman

Michael Berman is owner of Berman Medical Lasers, LLC, a medical device sales, service and marketing company. Berman Medical Lasers specializes in new and pre-owned continuous wave, handheld/portable lasers, unattended lasers and light therapy. We have helped hundreds of doctors improve patient outcomes and increase revenue.