Continuous Wave Pulsed vs. Superpulsed Lasers

Continuous Wave (CW)

Most therapy lasers marketed in the US are CW pulsed type. They produce a fixed level of power during the emission time. The ability to pulse the laser beam provides flexibility to custom design treatments to the patient. Considerations such as size, weight, skin tone and more can be accounted for when choosing a protocol. More watts of power allow for deeper penetration of the healing photons of energy.


Superpulsed lasers produce high power impulses of light for a very brief duration up to 100,000 Hz or Pulse duration of 200 nanoseconds to drive light energy into the target tissue. The Peak Power shown is often quite high while the Average Power, which causing healing, is often quite low.

Which Laser Should I Buy?

Your choice of a continuous wave laser versus a superpulsed laser for therapy should be based on the actual needs of your clinical practice in concert with the types of patients and conditions you typically treat. You shouldn’t buy “more” laser than you actually need, but you should be certain that your purchase would provide optimum treatment outcomes both for you and your patients. Both types of lasers provide therapy for pain, inflammation and arthritis.

Unattended Laser

Treat large areas quickly with the unattended GigaLaser. No need for provider or staff to be in the room with the laser.

Handheld/Portable Lasers

The convenience of an FDA Cleared portable or handheld laser is great. The lasers weigh less than one pound. Our PowerLaser series (Class 3b) operates on a rechargeable lithium ion battery.

Continuous Wave Lasers

The Nexus Series lasers are Continuous Wave (CW) pulsed lasers delivering biostimulation therapy. The high average power effectively and quickly treats large areas, making these lasers well suited for high-demand biostimulation therapy.

Superpulsed Lasers

The Lumix Series of superpulsed lasers have Peak Power of 45, 100 or 250 watts. The 100 and 250 watt models have an optional additional continuous wave feature. The Lumix Series is the first FDA cleared super-pulsed laser system in the USA.

Mobile Nail Service

We have designed our mobile nail laser service to help doctors who do not have a laser in their office to treat ugly, unsightly nails. Our experienced technicians have successfully treated thousands of patients over the last 10 years. To view before an…