137 patients with typical trifacial neuralgia (TN) were divided into four groups. 30 patients of group 1 received EHF therapy, 30 patients of group 2 were exposed to laser, 67 patients of group 3 were treated with combination of laser with EHF-puncture, 10 patients of group 4 were controls on conventional physiotherapy. Patients of all the groups were given drug of choice–carbamazepin. The highest response was registered in group 3, 21(31.3%) patients of which could stop carbamazepin, while 40(59.7%) patients reduced carbamazepin dose by 50-70%. Positive results were due to restoration of self-regulation in pain and antipain systems which are disturbed in TN patients. Read Paper: Physiopuncture therapy of trigeminal neuralgia