Lasers for Physicians

Drug-Free, non-invasive laser therapy is for the entire body and works well, however physicians treat a wide variety and vastly different patient demographics therefore each physician may require varying power, wavelengths, and mode of photon application to maximize sustained outcomes for the respective patient base. Berman Medical Lasers strive to consistently provide the best sustained outcomes through our suite of varying power, wavelengths, and mode of photon application lasers coupled with their extraordinary performance abilities across numerous patient demographics and physician disciplines.

Throwing Injuries Therapy

Don’t Let Pain & Inflammation Slow You Down No matter if you’re recovering from an unforeseen accident, a simple or compound injury or struggling with a chronic condition that never seems to get better laser therapy works well.

Stop the cycle of pain and inflammation holding you back from doing the activities you love and need to accomplish.

Laser For Pain Relief

Light photon therapy rapidly, dramatically and immediately decreases the pain and loss of range of motion patients are experiencing from the very first treatment. Our suite of lasers is designed to accommodate any type of physicians’ office no matter the size of the office.

Laser For Accident Injury

Laser therapy is effective for treating accident injuries, and we offer the finest laser products.