John Krall

John Krall

Head Coach SurgeryDesk
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John has 30 years of medical device and biologic experience. He has worked with Baxter, Medtronic, Depuy and Biomet. He has worked with over 1000 different doctors and has been in over 5000 + surgeries selling spinal and orthopedic implants.

His interest in Biologics started as he was part of the BMP study with Medtronic to improve spinal surgery fusions.

The last six years his focus has been the Regenerative Medicine space.

He is the owner of Surgery Desk a biologics and medical distribution company that offers providers with a variety of products to support Regenerative Markets.

The products include Allograft tissue, autograft devices, PRP, Laser and other energy therapies.

When asked what his hobby is…. He will tell you it’s Regenerative Medicine
John lives in Phoenix.