Superpulsed Lasers

The Berman Medical Laser offers the Lumix Series of superpulsed lasers. The lasers provide a high power that goes up to 45, 100, and 250 watts. You can also add additional wave in 810nm or 1064nm for better super pulsed laser therapy. The LUMIX 45-Watt Super Pulsed Laser is our star product that is the first FDA cleared laser in the USA.

The LUMIX 45-Watt Super Pulsed Laser – Select Between 2, 3, or 4 Wavelengths

Super pulsed laser for therapy and superfast healing – The Shortest Treatment Time

The Lumix 45 is a powerful superpulsed laser that can be used high-end superpulsed laser services anywhere in the world.  The laser is designed for high-intensity bio-stimulation that speeds up the healing process three times. The laser ranks in the world’s best superpulsed lasers because it has a synchronized pulse effect of up to 100,000 Hz that penetrates the skin without pain and boosts healing. The powerful superpulsed laser has dual wavelengths at 650nm and 910nm, which ensures a powerful beam 10x more robust than regular lasers. The beam triggers cell and nerve regeneration and rapid healing. You have the option to use both wavelengths together – depending on what your patient requires.

The Lumix 2 super pulsed laser for therapy base model combines a 45-watt power of superpulsed 910nm infrared with 100 milliwatts power of superpulsed 650nm. It offers an average of 500 mW is rated as a Class 3B. It truly surpasses the performance and power of conventional CW Class 4 lasers.

Have a look at the round 25mm fixed lens or zoom lens at 8mm, 15mm or 25mm.

Shown below are the round 25mm fixed lens or zoom lens at 8mm, 15mm or 25mm.

LUMIX 100-Watt Superpulsed Laser — You Select 2 or 3 Wavelengths

The Lumix 100 comes with a touchscreen feature. It is designed for bio-stimulation laser therapy for tricky body parts that can be hard to reach otherwise. The laser offers a powerful penetration that has dual wavelengths at 650nm and 910nm. Furthermore, the high-intensity beams hit the effected area 10x better than a surgical laser without any damage. The beam activates the healing cells, which relieve your patients from pain. You can choose to use both wavelengths or not – depending on what you need for your patient.

The Lumix 3 comes with an additional wavelength that offers more unmatched laser power for therapy and repair. The additional wavelength includes:

  • 6 watts of 810nm continuous-wave peak power


  • 8 watts of 1064nm continuous-wave peak power

With the Lumix 3, you can also use the additional wavelength to add 8 watts of 1064nm continuous laser power for the fastest laser therapy.

The Lumix 4 has two additional wavelengths for immense laser power. The wavelengths offer:

  • 5 watts of (810nm + 1064 nm) continuous-wave peak power


  • 14 watts of (810nm + 1064nm) continuous-wave peak power

Lumix 2 is a base model that offers quicker results and eases the patient’s pain. It provides synchronized pulses of up to 100,000 Hz that has therapeutic effects and gets rid of the pain. It has a built-in articulating arm that can be placed on specific body parts for unattended laser therapy. The Lumix 100-watt is a power superpulsed laser that can be used to treat chronic pains, wounds, warts, inflammation, tissue and cell regeneration, and more.

LUMIX 250-Watt Superpulsed Laser — 2 Wavelengths

The Lumix 220 is a redesigned model that comes with a touchscreen interface that offers more than 100 pre-programmed protocols. The Lumix 250 superpulsed laser is built for success and the fastest bio-stimulation laser therapy. Each equipped laser can emit powerful laser beams and dual wavelengths at 650nm and 910nm. They provide an unmatched high-intensity laser beam that targets the effected tissues 10x better than a surgical laser with zero damage. The emitted laser beam promotes a faster healing process and relieves patients of their pain.

The Lumix 2 – 250 W is designed to offer immediate relief from pain. It yields faster results in a short time. The synchronized frequencies of up to 100,000 Hz have therapeutic effects on affected areas – which beats any other low-peak power, pulsed lasers any day. The Lumix 2 is equipped with a built-in arm that can be used to place on affected areas for immediate relief. The machine has the right features for repairing and promoting regeneration of tissues, cells, and nerves.


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