Unattended Laser

UNATTENDED laser therapy treatment of larger areas of the body, such as the back, neck, hip, or leg is the specially of the GigaLaser. It is FDA cleared as class 3b.

The unattended laser therapy is a laser machine that is used for more significant body parts like back, neck, hip, chest, or legs. The GigaLaser machine is FDA cleared and is classified as Class 3B.

The screen of the unattended laser therapy is divided into three sections that are adjusted and adapted for the treatment of knee pain, shoulder pain, or legs. The term ‘unattended’ means the patient is left with the machine, and the device moves in 360 degrees to treat every specified area. The treatment area is 77 square inches, whether it’s laser therapy for back pain or neck aches.

The nine watts of red light (660 nm) stimulate circulation and promote the regeneration of cells in the body. The laser light is absorbed into the surface of the skin. The 9 watts blue/violet light (405 nm) reduces the bacteria on the surface of the skin, to ensure the treatment is absorbed effectively. GigaLaser offers the following advantages:

  • It can treat larger body areas effectively.
  • It promotes the body to heal naturally.
  • Quickly relieves the patient of unwanted pain.
  • The patient can be left with the laser – the presence of a practitioner is not necessary.


The GigaLaser provides a large amount of laser light within a few minutes to treat pain, aches, and diseases. The laser has proven efficient for the patient and practitioner. Most practitioners buy the gigaa laser for lower back pain for treatment because that’s the most common issue.

The laser can be programmed with specified programs. The practitioners can add six pre-defined programs that make the laser easy to use.

The GigaLaser comes with a 3-year warranty that is claimable for material and manufacturing. Contact us for a warranty claim and more information.


Laser class 3B
Treatment area, total 77 inch2
Laser wavelength 808 nm
Laser output power, total 18000 mW
Red light wavelength 660 nm
Red light output power 9000 mW
Violet light wavelength 405 nm
Violet light output power 9000 mW
Programs 6
Height 57 in
Width 28 in
Depth 22 in
Weight 154 lbs